The 7 Sentences I Wrote Down Reading


This week I wrote down seven sentences that sent chills down my spine when I read.  The truth is that I have no idea what I am going to talk about this week.  But I will start with these seven sentences that made my soul sing with harmony and passion with a perfect pinch of excitement.  Are you ready for them?  Here they are.   But first, I’d like to explain why we must constantly check ourselves when it comes to negative thoughts because they will eventually become our words and words are  a MANIFESTATION.  And because words carry our thoughts and words are in and of themselves  a manifestation, we must be conscious of our thoughts. Knowing this small amount of information is the wonderful road to our success.  There is a verse in the Bible that supports this information and what it says is that ‘Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.’   These 7 sentences may seem like nothing but they are foundational to manifestation.

  1. Emotions are to be controlled by intellect and reason.
  2. Words are TREMENDOUSLY important.
  3. Words are the first MANIFESTATION of thought.
  4. Words are the vessel in which thought is carried.
  5. Use nothing but constructive and harmonious language.
  6. Entertain desirable thoughts only…..(my words here: because eventually what you think you will become words.
  7. He who is wise enough to understand that the creative power of thought places an invincible weapon and makes him the MASTER OF HIS DESTINY.


Becoming a positive thinker is WORK…  Because I now realize just how negative and critical I can be.  One way to combat this is by changing  your negative thoughts by thinking of a positive experience.  But I have not found this to be effective for me.  I just acknowledge the negative thought and realize what it is….by the way this does a lot to neutralize the negativity.  Then I become very aware of what I am doing, to the point where I am completely aware of where my feet are hands are, etc.  Then I let the feeling dissipate.  It works well for me.  When I try to find a positive feeling or experience in the mist of a negative thought, it becomes aggravating.  I must admit, I thought that I was a positive thinker for the most part but boy am I negative.   But I am changing that little by little, one moment at a time.


Imagination or Daydreaming?   Which one unlocks the door to attaining your abundant constructive conditions.   You see, to attain your desires, you must have focused thought AND as it turns out, Imagination provides the FOCUS that we must have to get what we want.  Isn’t this phenomenal information!  As far as daydreaming is concerned, it is scattered thought so your manifestations will be weak.  This is why we have to practice being conscious of our thoughts.  Which, by the way, has been difficult for me to do.  So, what I have done is switch my negative, blaming, critical thoughts with the most positive thought that I can resonate with…. This is easier to do.  What ever it is, it needs to feel authentic.   As, Charles Haanel has written, ‘you cannot entertain weak, harmful, negative thoughts ten hours per day and expect to bring about beautiful, strong and harmonious conditions by ten minutes of strong, positive thought.’

it it is so funny because, I remember listening to a top networkmarketer talk about how he became so incredibly successful…. I mean this guy makes over a million dollars per month….yes a month….imagine that.  But, the thing that he kept saying that I just couldn’t understand at that time was, “I had to take time everyday and imagine the level of success I wanted and I talked to myself everyday and repeatedly said what I wanted to manifest…… I had to CHANGE my subconscious mind.”   I just didn’t get it…. I remember thinking, ‘you need to tell us exactly what you did.’  Well he did finally did that but he gave a caveat before he started telling us … He said, ‘Guys, this isn’t it’…… Then he went on to say, ‘ This is certainly important but THIS ISN’T IT….. What I told you before is the key.’   Now I GET IT….Finally I GOT IT…..

It is hard mental labor that most are not willing to do.  Working on the world within is where we must start.

I am so grateful for this knowledge (information with action).


We have been taught that when we say the word “I”, we are referring to ourselves and that we are letting the recipient of our words know what we are going to do and what we think.  But what if I were to say to you that that is not the REAL “I”.   The REAL “I” is spiritual in nature…..  This is so powerful to me because this has made me realize that gaining control over the true I is where my power is.   Our ability to control our thoughts and not let our emotions control our thoughts are of utmost importance.   This can be done by anyone, it just requires practice, just like anything else that we want to master and become excellent at.   So, the sooner we start practicing, the quicker we will gain control over our world with-out.  Because as I have written about in my previous blog, the world WITH-IN controls the world with-out.   If we are not satisfied with what we see on the outside, then it is quite simple, we just start clearing out our negative thoughts.  Now we all know that simple does not necessarily mean that it’s easy.  Because thoughts are energy, so once a thought is set in motion, it takes some persistence and practice to release the thought.  But, practice makes perfect.  You see, we are strengthening the will and knowing that you can obtain what you desire.  This is why repeating “I can be what I will to be.”  often throughout the day is necessary…. This is powerful auto-suggestion that becomes part of our subconscious mind.

The I in this powerful auto-suggestion, is referring to the Infinite that we are all a part of.  So when you are saying I can be what I will to be.” often throughout the day.   Think of the true and real nature of this I.  I have been saying ” I (Infinite within Me) can be what I (Infinite within Me) will to be.   This helps me to remember the true nature of “I”.    Another added aspect to this is that we have to get still and quiet the senses and know that we are one with the one true quintessential Creator of All That Is, the Infinite that is all Positive Energy.  And, that we disconnect from the Infinite when we are mired in discordant thoughts.  But remember, we have to ability to release those thoughts of disharmony with ease when we practice.

Lastly, this so far, has resonated with me the most.  Here it is:  Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of ANY kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which makes it impossible to do more IMPORTANT work (being a creator) which results in a realization of conscious power.  Just stop and think about that sentence for one second.  And now for the best part of this delicious plate of magnificent delectable food……  “We should therefore seek the Silence frequently. Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.”  Master Keys 4.25 is more than worth the price of admission.   I now love and look forward to seeking the Silence.  And, as I continue to seek the silence, I know that I will have more and more time to seek the Silence through out my day.   Just wonderful…..  I can’t wait for next weeks Master Keys assignment…can’t wait.


Amazing…… The Solar Plexus RADIATES positive non-resistant energy as it is the distribution center of our energy.   It emanates POWER by feeding the subconscious mind with pleasant thoughts is courage,mower, confidence, hope, optimism, joy.  So, one may think wow……well, ‘where is my power??’  Your power is within you and you have control over how much of it is exhibited to the world.  To exhibit our Power, we must control our resistant thoughts….. I have realized that I have a continuous stream of resistant thoughts.  Some may think that my resistant thoughts are a hindrance to me but, they are not at this point because I have now realized that I can change my thoughts and feelings about an unpleasant situation when I want to.  This is a part of all of us and it’s called negativity bias……come to find out we needed negativity bias for survival way back when fire was a novelty.  Knowing this has improved my ability to change my thoughts.  Your conscious thought is the master of the sun center….The Solar Plexus.  Physical, mental and environmental discordance is an interruption of the Solar Plexus’ radiation of energy.  This center of energy is Omnipotent….WOW because it is the point of contact with all life and all intelligence.  This is such amazing powerful information because this is saying that we have had this power all along we just need to access it through our non-resistant conscious thought.

This means that I have to significantly scrutinize what I watch on TV and on the Internet.  I must guard what comes in…. But guess what, if I do come in contact with a resistant flow of information, I will just attach some less resistant or non- resistant thought so that I can muster up the best feeling that I can about the situation.

we will all be ok if we just tap in to our own power.  We CAN do this.


I have spent my life focusing on the effects in my life and very very little on the cause.  We feel like we are being ineffective and well plain old lazy when we are not in constant action.  I mean either we are dealing with a problem or we are thinking about the problem…more often than not, we are worrying about the problem.  But, change in your life is really quite simple but powerful.  It requires us to have the habit of creating……  I know your asking, what does that mean????   It means that we use our thoughts to change the world within.  So if we desire harmony in our lives, we impress the subconscious mind by mentally stating what we want and while we are in action all that is needed for you to obtain what you desire shows up.  The subconscious mind is enormous and is the seat of habit and memory.  It is active 24/7, so we have to have positive impressions on it consistently.   This is powerful information that I am grateful to know and now put into practice.  Who knew that mentally stating what you want before you get into action is a powerful key to success.  So now, I see why we must sit for 15 minutes without moving and read the same statements 7 days per week as we are IMPRESSING the subconscious mind that mysterious mind that never sleeps and unconsciously guides ours actions.  At first, I thought, this is disrupting my routine but now I am starting to embrace the disruption for I am ready for a change.

The Pain of Sitting Still for 15 Minutes

The very thought of sitting still for 15 minutes caused my heart to go in to an arhythmia and my stomach to feel queasy. How could I sit still for 15 whole minutes? I have a very limited amount of free time and I need to use that time to do my cold calling….no GOLD CALLING….but now I have to take 15 minutes out of that time and JUST SIT. Who has time for that silliness? Certainly not me….got too much going on. What a waste of time.

Well, finally I decided to do it. I tried to do it at the end of my day while sitting up in bed. That didn’t work because I was uncomfortable so I laid down with my head prompted up by my two pillows. Yeah, and that didn’t work as well because I was soooooooo exhausted that I ended up dosing off.

So, I tried it the next day during my GOLD CALLING time. I got a chair and faced it toward a window, then I turned my timer on my phone and begrudgingly started my 15 minutes of sitting still in a chair. I mean you can’t scratch your chin if it itches or move your position in the chair if you feel like it….just complete stillness…..not cool, not fun, not comfortable…just not a good exercise at all.

With all this trepidation and complaining, I’ll bet you are sure that I said forget this, stillness crap… I’m going to do my calls and get in to massive action.

So what did I do???? I did it! I couldn’t believe it, but I did it! And it was so exhilarating and calming at the same time!!! I really need to do this everyday of my life. It energized me and focused me as well….. Wow!!!